Dalton Education is the premier provider of financial services education and review. Our strategic and design objectives included reviewing the digital landscape and technological platforms to identify areas of improvement and design recommendations for their primary site. To clarify messaging and direction, our team conducted qualtitative research and collaborated with stakeholders to refine and develop their site goals and brand position. Key brand attributes and elements centered on CFP expertise, trust and education to guide the creative strategy in reinforcing Dalton as the most trusted name in certified financial planning.



The primary audience was composed of predominantly middle aged, financial advisors mostly affiliated with major financial firms. Challenges included increasing sales of education and review products by driving leads to enroll through university partners, educating visitors on the value of CFP degrees, and establishing the Dalton brand and position. Qualitative Research was conducted with users to explore trends, challenges and industry needs with emphasis on participant and industry perceptions of Dalton. Goals included understanding their decision making process, drivers of interest and user recommendations. Key insights and opportunities discovered were Dalton’s flexibility for a variety of lifestyles, personal guidance and possible opportunities to expand offerings to specialized certifications and ongoing guidance. 

Design opportunities included streamlining the user path to purchase by using consistent product names and verbiage, streamlining transition to university partner sites, and modifying enrollment interaction to reflect e-commerce best practices. Our discovery culminated in site deliverables including information architecture, responsive user interface, content strategy and a new CMS platform with analytics integration to track efficiency, path to purchase, and marketing impacts.  


My Roles: Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Interaction Design

Agency: DMH