NHA provides education and certification preparation for students looking to start or expand their careers in allied health. Developing a new brand, I helped position them as a welcoming and encouraging partner that supports students through every step towards a new career. NHA’s proven results elevate and impact the lives of individuals, schools and businesses in allied health. Their comprehensive certification and preparation resources help clients access their professional goals. Together with NHA and our team, we developed strategy, positioning and an identity system inspired around the statement, “Access a Better Future.” During this phase, our audits and research revealed that the newly developed positioning and previous brand did not correspond. Their previous brand was infused with elements of other business subsets and lacked ownership over a look and feel. Further research exposed that their previous brand blended into a cold, institutional and inactive competitive landscape revealing an opportunity to position NHA as an active partner. 


I helped create a unified system that embodies their new position, emphasizing access and trust through energetic and approachable design elements. The movement of the logo showcases elevation and accessibility through multiple pathways validating NHA’s new mission: empowering people to access a better future. Branding, standards, business expressions, collateral, email marketing, interactive, and launch strategies were created to initiate and introduce their new brand presence to new and existing clientele. Guiding their in-house design team, we successfully activated a new phase for NHA to own the allied health space. A minimal design is used with close crops of the brand mark to create a cohesive visual language that continues to remain fresh and bold.

My Role: Strategy, Art Direction
Agency: DMH