An annual event hosted by Gillis, The Spirit Awards honors philanthropic stars of Kansas City. Embodying a celestial theme, the logo and typography embody the “Above and Beyond” work of the honorees and Gillis whose mission is giving families hope for a brighter future. The concept highlighted exploration, discovery, and celestial elements through sophisticated imagery and lithographs of ancient exploration tools, star maps, and astrolabes. Metallic gold and silver inks were used across the system and in gradients to create a luminescent surface, catching the light.


The need for a direct mail piece and a limited budget called for strict attention production details. I developed a solution where the piece opened like a map, connecting to thematic exploration while fitting standard mailing regulations. I furthered its life by integrating a poster on the back face creating additional event exposure. Collaborating with my writing partner, we developed the concept from start to finish, furthering exploration, prototyping and experimentation within our process. A high level of detail was required, creating new methods utilizing ink to achieve a variety of unique outcomes. The system developed included event branding, illustration, invitation, sponsorship package, save-the-date, poster, and event design.

Brick wallBrick wall

My Role: Strategy, Art Direction, Design
Agency: DMH

Communication Arts Typography Annual, 2016
HOW Magazine International Design Awards, 2016
HOW Magazine Promotion + Marketing Design Awards, 2015
Communication Arts, FRESH Feature
American Institute of Graphic Arts, (AIGA) A11 Awards